Artist Statement

Vibrant colors, lavish textures, and visual depth are the hallmarks of my work. My inspiration lies in the natural world that surrounds me and can run the gamut from ocean waves breaking on a seashore to irrigation patterns seen from an airplane window to the warmth of the summer sun shining on my head. These visions are the starting point; I work in abstract images and impressions and seldom does a literal representation appear in my work.

My medium is fabric and thread. With this very versatile resource I can achieve the colors and textures that appeal to me so much. Starting with ordinary white cotton fabric, I work with multiple surface design techniques, which might include dyeing, painting, stamping, and silk screening. Layer upon layer of color is added to each fabric. I love the process of mark-making on my own fabrics. I am now ready to cut the fabrics into pieces and reassemble them into a composition. Then, using the time honored technique of quilt makers, I create a fabric sandwich with top, batting, and backing. The thread and stitching that holds this sandwich together form another layer of color, texture, and depth. From a distance my work often resembles a painting; but as the viewer approaches, the stitching detail beckons and invites even closer inspection. The possibilities inherent in these little surprises are what delight me the most about the fabric medium